About Devs Local

Who we are

DevsLocal is a startup that started back in 2020. We are currently located in Utah County, Utah. In short we are a marketplace where you come to build tomorrow's technology, with our expert software developers and hardware developers.

Our original vision is to allow all developers to take control of their online business by processing their jobs with less fees than ever before and stimulating growth by making connections for potential clients, partners and employees simple and automated. Though we are a small start up, we are determined to have an impact on the future of technology.

Our Intentions

Our main goal is to help progress and impact the technology that’s built tomorrow. With that being said we have a few intentions that we would like to uphold.

  • List your business and market your business in a technology development marketplace.
  • Influence developers to create and run their own business while alluding to niche markets to consider.
  • Simplify the creation and management of payments, invoices, contracts while also providing the necessary tools for success for even the smallest of development firms.
  • Provide information for anyone and everyone that wants to understand how to source and build new technology. As well as giving back to charities and creating opportunities for people looking for a way in the Software Engineering and hardware Engineering fields.